Van Luus:
Unieke smaakvolle huis- en handgemaakte delicatessen

Business gifts

Looking for personalized delicacies? Everything is possible at Van Luus!

A gift package for a birthday, a corporate gift after a party, business meeting, wedding or think about of a holiday gift package! Look at the different options and feel free to contact me

For the Rotterdam-The Hague region, with a gift package from Van Luus, you immediately opt for a local entrepreneur where a business gift, Christmas package or birthday present becomes even more personal.

Personalized delicacies:

A personal product! That’s how you really make contact! Do you have a birthday, a wedding, a success or another event to celebrate soon? Complete the party with a delicious delicacy with a personalized label! Consider, for example, personalized sambal “Erik’s boost” or a special delicacy for a 50 and fabulous celebration. or delicious jams as thank you to the teacher. For someone special or for larger groups: We can transform a tasty delicacy into a personal gift product for every occasion. 

Please feel free to contact me and we will look into the possibilities!

Promotional gifts:

Delicacies a promotional gift always works well! As a token of appreciation, a thank you after an event for your staff, business relations or as a gift to existing customers. Van Luus can completely personalize your chosen sambal, syrups, jams, juices or sauces with your own label, for example with your company logo! Production and delivery time for large groups takes a little longer, but is worth the wait. Contact me via the contact form and we will discuss the possibilities!

Holiday packages:

Culinary Christmas packages or personal party packages! Delicacies to complete the holidays Surprise someone or your staff with a world tour of culinary delicacies from Van Luus! For example, think of:

Feel free to contact me so that we can turn your gifts into a culinary and personalized holiday package!