Van Luus:
Unieke smaakvolle huis- en handgemaakte delicatessen

About Van Luus

A life’s work full of flavor combinations and passion for peppers
About Van Luus unique homemade vegan delicacies

Let me introduce myself: I am Lucinda Hereijgers- Wong Si Kwie. I recently turned 50 and I am happily married to Maurice. Together we have an eight year old daughter.

My passion for good cooking and spicy food was ingrained at a young age. My mother is truly a culinary wonder, and can make something delicious out of nothing.

My passion for making my own sambal started in 2013. My aunt, who can also make very tasty meals with very few ingredients, just like my mother, always made delicious apples sambal. We then marketed this apple sambal. This whole development was an incredibly instructive process, with great pain in our hearts, after three years of learning curves and growing pains, this revenue model turned out to be unprofitable for us. We learned a lot during these 3 years and knew that we had to switch to another business model. 

In 2014 I got to know Van Brigitte. I was very impressed with her homemade delicacies range, such as: sauces, syrups, spices, oils, jams, juices, tapenades and also sambals from mild to mega hot, it was not only spicy, but also very tasty. Those two combinations are really fantastic to experience.

When I took over her delicacy company in 2017, because Brigitte was emigrating abroad, I was super excited to continue her life’s work. This to the delight of its many existing customers. Brigitte had handed over the preparation of the recipes to me with great care and dedication. Of course I found that very exciting because a recipe is only as good as the person preparing it and may vary per cook, there can be quite a difference. Fortunately, my concerns turned out to be in vain, and I received the best confirmation when Van Brigitte’s existing customers continued buying my products and I also added more and more culinary enthusiasts, who enjoy eating my unique flavorful products. 

In this start-up phase, I was greatly supported by my family and friends. I am still very grateful for that. For the entire manufacturing process, I had to develop an intuition, and it was and still is an intensive manual labor and time consuming. From making to the contents, to decorating of the jars. It’s all done by hand.

After almost three years, I have gained more insight into my customers’ preferred choices. As a result, I am more focused on providing their favorites and having them available in the basic range. That was quite an undertaking, when my customers provided feedback on their many favorite flavors and the available varieties leaving them unable to choose, because they liked everything so much. I realize I had to streamline the options process.

In addition to offering promotional gifts in gift packaging, whether or not personalized, I will be expanding my product line with organic options in mid- 2021. Also here, in the municipality of Lansingerland, a number of organic fruit and vegetable growers can be found locally, so that I can enrich my beautiful product line with an organic line.